Originally from San Francisco, Kim Curtis designed and constructed costumes throughout the bay area and the US for fifteen years including a six-year stint co-running the Costume Crafts department for the San Francisco Opera.  At SFO Curtis created the armor, masks, jewelry, head-dresses and animals for some of the world's most renowned designers and performers.

In 2003, armed with further training in the Fine Arts, she moved to Illinois and began a parallel career in Painting.  Her work can be seen in collections both stateside and abroad. Curtis is represented in Chicago, IL by Kasia Kay Art Projects. 

Ms. Curtis holds degrees in History of Art from the University of California at Berkeley and in Painting/Drawing from California College of the Arts in Oakland, CA.  Her internal visual archive draws from extensive travel throughout the US and abroad, mainly Italy and Germany where she has lived for various periods of time.

Curtis currently teaches in the Department of Theatre at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and continues to work in theater, fine art and illustration from her studio in Urbana, IL.


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